Instant installment plan

Pay for purchases from 500 UAH in installments using a credit card for the term from 3 to 24 months.

Set up

Advantages of "Instant installment plan"


Set up easily

Installment term - from 3 to 24 months. Monthly fee from the installment amount - 0,00% for the term 3 and 6 months. 1,8% for the term from 9 to 24 months. Promotion is valid: for purchases from 500 UAH using Alfa-Bank credit card starting from 02.07.2021.


Monthly fee from the installment amount for the term 3-6 mo. - 0,00%, for the term 9-24 mo. - 1,8%


Making lending decisions 24/7

No documents

Only Alfa-Bank credit card payment

2 weeks

From the moment of purchase you have two weeks to make a decision on installment setup

To set up "Instant installment plan" you need:


Make a purchase using a credit card


Open Sense SuperApp

An instant installment plan offer will appear in "Operation history" or "My installments" section.


Select an installment term and confirm

Set up


Disable/enable Bank notifications with installment plan offers

  • If a client is a Sense SuperApp user and does not want to receive PUSH-notifications, they can be disabled in Sense SuperApp in "My profile" section.

  • If a client is not a Sense SuperApp user and does not want to receive SMS with installment plan offers, they should send code 01 to the short number 3530.

  • If a client wants to activate SMS mailing with installment plan offers, they should send code 02 to the short number 3530.

Why was an installment plan not set up?

It happens if at the time of the purchase write-off:

  • there are personal funds on the credit card;
  • credit card is not active;
  • there is a credit card overdue;
  • the purchase that was transferred to installments was returned or canceled.

Purchase return

If a Customer returns a product to the shop, a seller returns money to the card. To close the installment plan, a Customer has to initiate a money transfer, that is returned by the seller, to the installment closure in Sense SuperApp (in section "Products" - "My installments")

Premature full or partial installment repayment

If a Customer wishes to close (fully or partially) an installment plan, they have to initiate a full or partial installment repayment in Sense SuperApp (in section "Products"- "My installments"). 

In case of partial premature repayment, the rest of the installment debt is transferred by the Bank in parts and the installment term is reduced. It is the outstanding balance that is divided by the amount of the monthly payment that was calculated when making the installment plan, thus determining the term that is necessary for the full installment repayment.

Why don't I receive PUSH notifications (with installment setup offer) about all the transactions?

A PUSH notification is sent to a Customer if the purchase amount is more than 2000 UAH.

Purchases from 500 to 1999,99 UAH can be transferred to installments in Sense SuperApp in "History" or in section "Products" - "My installments".  

What is the installment term?

Installment term: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 months.

Monthly fee from the installment amount — 0,00% for the term 3 and 6 months.

1,8% — for the term from 9 to 24 months.

Where can I find information on the state of the installment debt?


Sending SMS with a code to the number 3530

Mobile GSM operator:

  • Kyivstar: 067, 068, 096, 097, 098;
  • Vodafone: 050, 066, 095, 099;
  • Lifecell: 063, 073, 093.


For GSM mobile operators SMS messages to the number 3530 are free.

For Intertelecom and Ukrtelecom customers, an SMS message with a code must be sent to the number +380931770044 (SMS price is according to the operator's tariffs).


Instant installment plan calculator

Information on the essential consumer loan service characteristics (without collateral)

The amount of the credit limit is from UAH 500 to 200,000. The loan under the Instant Installment program is granted for 3 to 24 months. The Customer can purchase goods (services) at the expense of the line of credit without making an initial payment. If the Customer has used the Instant Installments program, the real annual interest rate ranges from 0.01% (for 3 to 6 months) to 37.79% (for 9 to 24 months) per annum.

For example, an installment plan for 6 months with an amount of UAH 1,500 under the Instant Installments program means the payment is UAH 250.02 per month. The monthly commission on the installment amount is 0.00% for 6 months.

Read here the detailed terms of providing financial services and an example of calculating the real interest rate.


1. The consequences for the Customer in case of using a banking service or a failure to fulfill his obligations under the agreement on the provision of this banking service are:
• when obtaining a loan, the Borrower incurs expenses in the form of interest, commissions, and other payments for the Bank's services following the terms of the loan agreement;
• in case of late repayment of loan debt or other violations of the agreement terms, the Borrower may be subject to penalties following the loan agreement terms;
• in case of improper fulfillment by the Borrower of his/her obligations under the loan agreement, the Bank has the right to apply to the relevant state bodies to satisfy its claims, including compulsory procedure;
• in case of improper fulfillment by the Borrower of his/her obligations under the loan agreement, the Bank is entitled to contact collection companies to act in the interests of the Bank;
• there is no minimum term of the agreement;
• the Customer has the right to rescind the Agreement without explaining the reasons within 14 calendar days from the date of the Agreement. The Customer informs the Bank about it in writing. In this case, the Customer is obliged to return to the Bank the funds received under the Agreement within 7 calendar days from the date of submission of the above notification and pay interest for the period from the date of receipt of funds to the day of their return at the rate established by the Agreement under clause 2.2.3 of the Appendix No. 4 to the Agreement on Banking Services for Individuals by Alfa-Bank JSC;
• The Сustomer has the right to early terminate or terminate the agreement by early full repayment of loan debt. Any penalties in case of early (full or partial) repayment of the loan are not charged or paid;
• in case of concluding a loan agreement with a fixed interest rate, such rate is changed with the written consent of the Bank and the Customer by making appropriate changes to the terms of the concluded loan agreement;
• information about the Borrower is submitted to the Bureau of Credit Histories and Credit Registry.
2. The Bank is prohibited from requiring the Customer to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related person as a prerequisite for these services provision (except for a package of banking services).
3. The Customer has the right to refuse to receive advertising materials using remote communication channels.
4. The Bank is not entitled to unilaterally amend the agreements concluded with the Customers unless otherwise provided by the agreement or by law.